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The Strength of Teamwork

Here at the Prineville – Crook County Chamber, we pride ourselves in being an environment that encourages teamwork. We are dedicated to providing you a platform and a reason for fostering good relationships through the course of networking which we see as the most basic forms of teamwork. Thee Chamber staff isn’t the only team, and we consider our Board of Directors, our Ambassadors and our Chamber members as a team that works together to share knowledge and foster successful outcomes for our organization, and for all of our members.

We have one common goal.  We want our businesses and our community to thrive, not just survive. We love using our members ideas on our public platform.  We encourage all to talk out loud, share their ideas and knowledge and assist in problem solving. And we appreciate everyone’s contributions to this community.

We all are a part of a team in one way or another whether it is at work, in our families, or in a committee or organization.  In fact, almost every day, we are working with others in most areas of our life.  Whether you are an executive or manager, you are working with all departments of a business or organization.  And if you serve on a committee, you are responsible for giving input and taking on tasks.  We all make up a part of a team. The most important thing of being a part of a team, is recognizing it, and seeing strength in numbers.

Building a strong team can be challenging, but in the end is much more rewarding than being a party of one.  It takes throwing away ego and pride, in return for the amazing reward of successful group efforts. Each person holds their own strengths and talents and can contribute to the success of a team because of those attributes. By celebrating individual efforts and utilizing others resources available to us, we can succeed, and win.  Yet, on occasion one person will try to take credit for the success of a team which takes others down. A true team member will put aside taking all the praise for a job well done and instead respond with gratitude for the work of their entire team. And this takes humility, which is a required quality for a team to be successful.

So how do you build a strong team?  Acknowledge all ideas and suggestions that come your way. This takes good, open, and honest communication.  It takes knowing your role, but also knowing and respecting the roles and responsibilities of others.   Be open to all ideas and suggestions, as this is a way to show respect for diversity and inclusivity.  Take note that it is never good to go into a conversation or meeting thinking your way is the only way, or the right way, but be open to ideas and open to possibke change. 

We can’t stress enough the importance of collaboration, communication and trust. Business collaboration is a great way to share costs, solve problems and achieve overall success of a specific project or event. Gain trust with your peers by sharing ideas and knowledge towards a common goal – success. Take the time to form business relationships and recognize, create, or act upon opportunities that as a team, result in a great achievement. If you share what you have done in the past that worked well, you will see others succeed as well.

How can you specifically support and be a part of a greater team in the Crook County business community? Support our members by being available and offering help and contributions for growth and development of all business or business owners new to our area. When you see a business struggling, offer up help and solutions, not criticism. The Crook County business community is so diverse that the knowledge available here should ensure any problem we see arise, can be met with solutions, rather than condemnation. We want our businesses to thrive. Think about the positive impact you can have by supporting other businesses and organizations, and partnering with them.

It is amazing how much can be accomplished with teamwork if no one is concerned about who gets the credit. At the Chamber we consider every member a part of our success story.  When one succeeds, we all do.  And we are so grateful for the team of over 370 member businesses we get to work with every day.  Thank you for being a part of our team!

Savannah Martin

Membership Development Coordinator

Meet Savannah....

Membership Development Coordinator, Prineville - Crook County Chamber of Commerce

If you could write your own job title concerning what you do here, what would it be?  I plant, and then nurture, the seeds of change and growth!

Describe any professional designations and industry-related accomplishments.  I like to have as many tools in my toolbox as possible! I am a general notary, a master gardener,  have an OLCC license and food handlers card, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology. You’ll often see me around Central Oregon working local events during the weekend. For most of my life, I have lived and breathed hospitality and tourism. I love chatting with people, especially those who have the travel bug – like me!

What inspires you about working for the Prineville – Crook County Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center?  People inspire me! Being able to support those who do what they love every day is what inspires me about working at the Chamber!

Give us a few personal details. I love music, dancing, and traveling! If you ever come to my house, you’ll find the record player roaring, a couple of candles lit, and a plethora of memorabilia from my adventures! 

Tell us what inspires you, or provide your favorite inspirational quote. “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” – Maya Angelou


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