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The Importance of Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is something that is becoming more and more of a business practice in today’s culture.  And it isn’t just for large corporations or non-profits, but can be used even in small business environments.  Think of it as a road map to the success of your organization.  Where are you now, and where do you want to be in the future.  It is determining what you want to accomplish, and how you plan to direct your organization and use your resources towards achieving your goals.

To begin the planning process, it’s important to be organized.  Set up a who will attend, and get commitment.  Determine what resources you will use to lead the planning session.  This can be in the form of books, seminars, consultants or even borrowing the planning model from a like organization that has had a successful process.  Make sure to let all involved know the purpose of strategic planning and establish if there are any concerns or needs from those within your business or organization.  The more you can address prior to the meeting process, the better.  Some even find it helpful to survey the strategic planning group in advance of the meeting to help brainstorm and pull together

One way to navigate this process is to create a list of all the tasks being done by your business now.  Ask yourself, or a team of employees or board members.  Is this helping us achieve our goals?  Does it fall in line with our mission?  If yes, keep it going.  If no, evaluate if it is a project you should stop altogether, or possibly modify so that it does benefit your overall goals.  And if you choose to drop an item off of your workload, realize you have now freed up time to put more energy into other current projects, or possibly add new ones.

Once you have decided what initiatives you are keeping on your to do list, start brainstorming elements that have only been ideas and not yet come to fruition.  One by one go through those and discuss.  Do you have the staff to fulfill these goals?  Do you have the resources, and assets?  And again, evaluate whether these fit in line with your mission as an organization or a business.

Once you have determined your plan, and the elements to strengthen and grow in the coming years, it  is time to set your direction.  Determine how you will move forward with your goals and come up with a plan as to how you will get there.  Analyze, review and adapt your plan based on your resources, which includes staff and funds.  And the final step, is to implement this plan.  It won’t always go as thought.  There will probably be modifications and adjustments, but the overall goal is that what you set out to accomplish, will come to fruition.  And then, you can celebrate your success and start the process all over again.

Just know that strategic planning is an ongoing process.  It gives you an opportunity to use the ideas and energy of all involved to come up with a vision and a future for your organization.  It can help with the overall impact you make on your customers, clients and community.  The ultimate goal, is to positively impact all those working with you, for you and around you.


Board Member


Prineville Lions Club

My husband and I have lived in Prineville for 17 years. I retired from the Banking Industry after 18 years, most recently working for Oregonians Credit Union. I enjoy the trails and camping in the Crook County

In addition to that, I have volunteered for the Crooked River roundup for 15 years, am the current President of the Prineville Lions, a member of the Prineville Elks and a Member of the American Legion Auxiliary.

I was an active member of the Chamber Ambassador Committee for 15 years and supported all the Prineville-Crook County Chamber events and projects.

The Prineville Chamber represents all of Crook County and its individuals, organizations and business and I feel with my volunteering and networking I am able to support the Vision and Mission of the

Duane Porter


Meet Duane.

Financial Advisor, DFP Financial and Consulting

I grew up on a small cattle ranch in rural Southern Oregon which taught me the values of hard work, family, and a rural way of life.  I made the move to Central Oregon in 1993 for all of its beauty and activities.  Over the last 3 decades in Central Oregon, I have seen and experienced the incredible growth and expansion of this wonderful area.  In 2018 my wife and I decided to return to a rural lifestyle in Crook County.  With its diverse community, wide variety, and ever-expanding industry, the area has maintained a small-town rural feel and culture.

In 2019 after 25 years in Insurance and Investments, my wife and I decided to open DFP Financial & Consulting, a Private Wealth Management, Planning, and Consulting Firm.   We completely enjoy the people, community and all Crook County has to offer.  Being part of the Prineville Chamber is an important focus for us to give back to and help the business of the community.

In our spare time we enjoy our family and grandchildren; camping, riding horses and doing all that Central Oregon and Crook County offers, and fly fishing the Crooked River as often as possible.


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Andrea weaver


Meet Andrea.

Recreation Coordinator, Crook County Parks & Recreation

I grew up on the North Oregon Coast in a small tight knit community. About 18 years ago my husband and I started traveling to Central Oregon a few times a year to escape the rain. We always talked about wanting to move to the Prineville area. We enjoyed the small town feel as well as the ranching lifestyle the area offers. In the fall of 2020 we made the move with our  three teenage daughters and we are so glad we did!

In the spring of 2021 I started with Crook County Parks & Recreation. A few months after that I took the Recreation Coordinator position. I love  working with Parks & Rec. I have met so many wonderful people in Prineville which has helped with adjusting to a new environment.

I got involved with the Chamber to learn more about the community and to grow relationships.

In my spare time I love working with my family on our ranch as well as watching my girls play sports and show livestock.

Casie Allen

board member

Meet Casie.

Owner - Bayberry Lane

My family has called Prineville home for several generations. Being born and raised in this amazing community, I have always felt so incredibly blessed. I strive to be an active part of the community and volunteer regularly. I am deeply involved in 4H, several youth sports programs, and have served on many other local boards and committees. 

My mom and I own a small downtown boutique called Bayberry Lane. Our motto is local people supporting local people. We enjoy being able to give back and strive to love the people of Prineville well. 

Being on the Chamber Board has allowed me to not only serve and express my opinions as a business owner, but also as a local who wants to foster a community that is able to adapt to change while holding on to their core values.




Signet Realty

I am the Owner & Lead Coordinator at Firefly Events and I have been planning and coordinating events for over a decade.   I also recently took on a role as a local real estate broker here in Crook County. 

I grew up around southern Oregon. I made a road trip to Prineville with a cousin, on that trip I was introduced to a handsome young Prineville man that later became my husband. I love Prineville and although I wasn’t raised here over the last 16 years it truly has come to feel like my hometown.

I was working for a business that was a Chamber member and I was looking for opportunities to get involved in the community. After several years of attending Chamber functions I was encouraged to join the Ambassador team and then the Board. It has been a great learning experience and a lot of fun to be part of the Chamber both as a member and on the Board.

I love the weather in Prineville. After growing up in the valley with so many days of rain, I truly appreciated having (mostly) defined seasons. Summertime in Prineville is definitely my all-time favorite! We enjoy paddle boarding at Ochoco reservoir, swimming at the Prineville reservoir, floating the refreshing Crooked River, hiking the Barnes Butte or Chimney Rock trails and riding our ATV’s on the many OHV trails.

Alexandra Greenberg

Vice President

Meet Alexandra

Chiropractor, Slater Chiropractic

I was born and raised in Prineville where I graduated from Crook County High School in 2009.  After that, I moved to Portland where I attended both Pacific University and the University of Western States for Chiropractic School. 

After ten years, I returned to Prineville and am now an Associate Chiropractor at Slater Chiropractic.

Since moving back, I have enjoyed how close this community is and realized how much I missed all that Crook County has to offer compared to the big city.  I started attending Chamber events to become more involved in our community and am excited to continue working with the Chamber as Vice President of the board.

I love spending my free time with friends and family, and enjoy getting out to explore all of Central Oregon.  I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, camping, kayaking and many other outdoor activities available in this beautiful area I get to call home.