Rewarding Superior Customer Service

Good customer service is crucial to an organization’s success, and each year the Prineville Crook County Chamber of Commerce members nominate and vote for the local business they feel gives the best customer experience in town. We chose to expand on that, and let the public tell us their personal stories about the individuals that are going above and beyond. Who made your day better? Who took initiative above and beyond their normal duties? Was there someone that put a smile on your face and a skip in your step? We want to know!

When employees perform tasks far beyond their job descriptions, special recognition is deserved. Employers should remind their employees that they’ve noticed hard work and the effort made to keep customer relations smooth, but we’d like to take it a step further and recognize those individuals publicly. Maybe we will even put a little peer pressure into our business community and entice all employers to encourage their staff to go the extra mile. We hope to recognize the our stars locally and help them feel proud of the efforts they have made not only for their employer, but for the Prineville’s patrons as well.

Over the next several weeks, the Chamber will be getting materials out to our local businesses advertising the opportunity to nominate a local employee for superior customer service.

Eligible nominees should work for a company that has been serving the Prineville community for at least 12 months, maintain an acceptable level of performance in all functions of their positions and consistently exhibit excellent customer service. They should seek to improve service in creative and highly responsive ways or take initiative beyond the normal scope of service. We are also looking for those individuals who proactively resolve or contribute to the resolution of long-standing problems that directly benefit customers.

When nominating, we want to know, why is this employee a role model for their business? What are the specific attributes exhibited of excellent customer service? Don’t just tell us who’s great, but explain to us what they did to receive your nomination. Along with the message of “thanks for all you do,” we would love to know the situation that earned the nomination so that we can reinforce examples of excellent service to our entire community.

Nomination forms will be available at local businesses, and we will plan to update our social media with links to an online form. The Chamber will award an individual quarterly with a prize valued at up to $500 while also recognizing the employers of our award winners for their efforts in raising up great employees.

The Chamber sees this program as a valuable and valued component of local recognition efforts and wants to send the message to our business community that we notice and appreciate the hard work being done in Crook County. We look forward to hearing your stories and recognizing the amazing members of our local business.