Timber, Tires and now Tech. Prineville has been the hub for some pretty impressive industries. Timber was strong back in the 1950’s and held a strong foothold for many years. Prineville was also the hometown of Les Schwab Tires, and still the location of their production and distribution facilities. In 2010, the community got a huge boost with the announcement of Facebook choosing the area for the location of one of their data centers. Two years later Apple followed suit and built a data center just across the road. With the welcoming of the new tech industries has come a plethora of new jobs in all fields, and a booming local economy.

Top Employers 2021

  1. Les Schwab Prineville Operations
  2. Crook County School District
  3. Facebook
  4. Rosendin
  5. Brasada Ranch
  6. Crook County
  7. St. Charles Health System
  8. Endura Products
  9.  Ochoco National Forest
  10. Bureau of Land Management

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