advantages of
chamber membership

  • Exposure

    Build your business, your brand and get noticed!

  • Networking

    It's not just about who you know, but also about who knows you. Our events are a great place to network.

  • Insider Information

    Receive our member only emails and notifications that give you an edge up on knowing first what is happening with your local chamber.

  • Referrals

    We only recommend member businesses, and those direct referrals and word of mouth come from being a member of the Prineville - Crook County Chamber of Commerce.

  • Credibility

    Belonging to your local Chamber is considered a badge of honor and grows your local reputation.

  • Education

    We offer one on one and class learning opportunities to our members. If there is a need, we will help!

  • Employee Retention

    Keep employees engaged and active with our employee only programs and events.

  • Community Engagement

    Join us in giving back to Crook County and be a part of a larger effort to "to good" and give back to those in our community.

Join the chamber!

Build your business, your brand, and get noticed!

What They're Saying...

Gary Romine

Chamber Member since 1958
"The Chamber was important in my early days for merchant promotions that stimulated extra business. They spearhead community events and activities that help create extra business as well as giving our citizens enjoyment and entertainment. The Chamber is generally the first contact for a visitor or someone thinking about locating here. That source of info in one place is invaluable. After closing our store the Chamber has been our contact to our community. We enjoy meeting new people and visiting with old and new friends. THis is our connection to what is going on. Our Chamber is the right tool for a strong community."

Lisa Parker

Owner, Prineville Coffee Company and Gypsy Barn Boutique
"The Chamber is my go to spot for everything going on in town. They are always willing to help build your business and promote activities in anyway they can. The girls are all willing, eager and happy to help you!"

Renee Tooley

Olive and Blu Photography
"I love being a part of our local chamber because of the environment, the people who work there and the involvement they have with the community. This is important to me because being involved with such a great group helps ME support other local businesses and it helps me network with other owners. The chamber is MORE than helpful with any questions I have, they support my small business with their photo needs and they are all wonderful to be around. If you're not a part of the Chamber, you should be!"